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Teruszkin Group was founded on solid tradition of a continued administration. National and international partners recognize the group as a reliable player with several accomplishments in the market. With wide vision and presence in various sectors, Teruszkin Group has gained valuable experience in business promotion and management. The group remains actively seeking new business prospects and contributing significantly to the growth of the country.

In the course of its 75 years, Teruszkin Group has diversified its activities. Today, the group is more associated with the progress of the country due to the development and execution of large real estate projects in self-owned land through partnerships or joint ventures with some of the largest companies in the real estate market.

In Rio de Janeiro, some greatly successful achievements of Teruszkin Group can be highlighted. In the neighborhood of Flamengo, Tour d’Avallon and Tour de Soissons; and in the area of Barra da Tijuca, Riviera Dei Fiori (1,152 apartments, 200,000m2 area, including 60,000m2 of gardens, and a school for 1,000 students); Winbledon Park, one of the most valued residential condominiums in Rio de Janeiro, with more than 200,000m2 of lotted land; Oceanfront Resort (apartments, 40,000m2 of gardens, lakes, fountains, woods and cascades, the largest club in Rio de Janeiro, with 3,000m2 , swimming pools, including an indoor heated pool), in partnership with Gafisa, Icatu and the Portuguese group SGC; and Waterways Residential (465 apartments, 48,000m2 of leisure area, club, spa, swimming pools, restaurants, gym, beauty salon), developed in partnership with former Brascan Residential Properties, today Brookfield Incorporações.

Amongst the cities with great representation in Teruszkin Group’s portfolio is Porto Alegre, where it owns a 257,000m2 lot located by Salgado Filho Airport, near the Freeway, the city’s main expressway, which connects it to the shore. We may also highlight the role of the group in Sintra, a town near Lisbon where a 360,000m2 area is being developed together with the Portuguese group SGC. In that lot, a tourist, commercial and residential complex named Arcos do Ramalhão is under construction.

Furthermore, the newest venture in partnership with Brookfield Incorporações, the pre-launching of SOHO RESIDENCE in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, located in the Metropolitan Center, is the new mark of Teruszkin Group and of the city. The group consolidates the first of its 19 blocks, which are going to account for about 1,500,000m2 of constructed area.


Acquire large lots in strategic areas seeking to anticipate trends, adding value to their urban development, aiming at future partnerships with corporations in trending real estate projects, thus contributing to the socioeconomic and environmental development of the country.


With expertise gained through a history of accomplishments, Teruszkin Group sees the foundation for the socioeconomic development of Brazil in the real estate sector. The Group believes its largest growth driver is the search for land for development.


Through its 75 years, Teruszkin Group has contributed to the economy and progress of Brazil with its power of execution and management capacity in various sectors. It has initiated its activities standing out as one of the largest exporters of the country through the former enterprises Madeireira Teruszkin S.A. Indústria, Comércio e Exportação and Teruszkin Empreendimentos Florestais LTDA. Not long after, the group diversified its activities in several sectors, such as reforestation, capital markets, construction industry, specialized engineering and architecture services, silos and warehouses construction, foreign trade, heavy machinery, automobiles, trucks, components, and telecommunication.

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